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ANR Programme blanc N° ANR-08-BLAN-0317-01/02

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  • Workshop in Nice, May 25-27, 2009.
    Organizers: Alexandru Dimca and Carlos Simpson
    Topic: Fundamental groups in Algebraic Geometry
    Contacts: Alexandru Dimca, Carlos Simpson
    Registration is necessary: the registration form is available.

  • Program:
    Monday, May 25
    9h-9h30  Welcome
    9h30-10h30  Richard Hain: Hodge theory of fundamental groups of algebraic varieties
    10h30-11h Coffee break
    11h-12h  Nero Budur: Local systems and singularities

    14h-15h Florian Pop: Arithmetic obstructions on fundamental groups of algebraic varieties
    15h-15h30 Coffee break
    15h30-16h30 Philippe Eyssidieux: Linear Shafarevich conjecture

    Tuesday, May 26
    9h30-10h30 Alexander Suciu: Jump loci and homological finiteness properties
    10h30-11h Coffee break
    11h-12h  Philip Boalch:  Irregular connections, Hitchin systems and Kac-Moody root systems pdf

    14h-15h Carlos Simpson: Nonabelian cohomology
    15h-15h30 Coffee break
    Richard Hain: Galois actions on fundamental groups of algebraic varieties
    17h-18h30 ANR SEDIGA meeting
    20h Dinner

    Wednesday, May 27
    9h30-10h30  Constantin Teleman: Hodge filtrations on loop group representations
    10h30-11h Pause café
    11h-12h  Stefan Papadima: Germs of cohomology jump loci

    13h45-14h45 Mario Salvetti: Combinatorial formulas for local system cohomology of arrangements
    14h45-15h Coffee break
    15h-16h Alexandru Dimca: Hodge theory and jump loci